NASS To Compel President Mohammadu Buhari To Sign The 2016 Appropriation Bill

The Leadership of Both Chambers of National Assembly has unanimously agreed to compel President Muhammadu Buhari to assent to the pending 2016 Appropriation Bill.

At a meeting of the leadership of the both chambers held last night, April 20, it was resolved that the President will be obliged sign the budget in view of its exigent need to address the continuous economic mayhem in the country.

Sources from the meeting disclosed that the legislative heads equally agreed to honor any amendment from the President through a supplementary budget, assuring its expedient consideration by the Legislature.

It is noteworthy that the budget delay is blamed for the economic plummet of the country. After the first quarter of the year, Nigerians are worried that President Buhari’s ‘Budget of Hope’ hasn’t found a space to hit the ground running towards the fulfilment of its promises to the electorate.

Recall that the 2016 Appropriation Bill is the first Budget of the APC government.

While the country remains tense from the situation of national power outrage, unending premium motor spirit scarcity and foreign exchange crisis among other challenges, the Budget that was supposed to succour the suffering masses has remained an object of discrepancies, padding and other sorts of controversies since its submission on December 22, 2015, to the National Assembly.


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