My wife is not in search for fame, mine is enough for us’ – Dbanj

Down the years, there have been series of speculations about the love life of Nigerian singer, D’banj.

In recent time, especially, the entertainer has been bombarded with questions bordering on marriage.

The 35-year-old, revealed during an MTV Base event, that he’s had enough of being asked about his marital status.

“I am tired of people asking me that question. That’s my personal life and its not going to change my music. I’m not trying to get married to enter another phase of my life the way they have classified my other colleagues. When you want to marry they just put it like you want to retire. No, its not going to change anything.

He however said when he finally plans to settle down, it would be done discreetly.

“If I marry, you would not hear about it. My wife is not looking for fame. The fame I have is already enough.”

Last year, there were online reports in circulation of a secret D’banj marriage set to happen. Although it fizzled out.

Credith- Ynaija


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