Intresting Facts About ADEKUNLE GOLD (Sade Master)

YBNL act, Adekunle Gold is really gold.. His distinctive sound has set him apart from other upcoming artist in the Nigeria music scene. Sade and Orente is getting massive love from fans in Nigeria, already. Adekunle Gold is surely having a nice year…. Little is known about this YBNL newest signee.. So went scooping for all his details, so with no further ado , we bring 10 things you definitely don’t know about Adekunle Gold.

1. ‘Orente’ and Sade were both inspired by a true life experience. He said the song was composed to celebrate all the great ladies in his life who are faithful to their men.
2. ‘Sade’ was actually written before Adekunle Gold’s 1st single, ‘Sade’ which is also a massive hit. He only decided to release it after the widely reception afforded his first single.
3. ‘Jamb Question’ singer, Simi who is rumoured to be in a relationship with Adekunle actually composed and arranged the song.

4. ‘Orente’ is Adekunle Gold’s 1st official single under Olamide-led YBNL. He was signed after he gained prominence with ‘Sade’.‎

5. Like ‘Sade’, ‘Orente’ the process of writing ‘Orente’ was done in a unique manner. ‘I wrote both songs while driving,’

6. Adekunle Gold is also a graphic designer and brand strategist.

7. Adekunle Gold was the official graphic arts designer for the Olamide and YBNL crew before signing a deal with the record label.
8. Adekunle Gold was the best graduating student of his set.

9. Adekunle Gold is 6ft tall

10. Adekunle Gold signed a 3 year, 2 album contract with his record label YBNL



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