Major points from the issue between Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage

“Social media is a gift and a curse which means that anyhow we look at it there’s no denying that social media has far-reaching benefits for corporate and individual brands just as it has its problems, particularly in the way it affects personal relationships between partners.”

1. Publicity is bad when it brings out the private lives of couples :–
 In fact, every form of publicity is bad for love and for a healthy relationship. Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage are in the full glare of the public by virtue of their jobs, the least they owe each other is to zip up in matters regarding their private lives.

2. Silence is golden: –
Tiwa Savage did the needful by keeping mum all along, this puts her heads and shoulders above embattled Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu and ex-lover Seun Agbede who went back and forth online few months ago when they had issues in their relationship.

3. The people are tired of the incidence of hacked accounts in Nigeria :–  
Most Nigerian celebrities and public figures have the habit of twisting the narrative after they’ve blundered in public using their social media accounts. In the past, people perpetrated evil and blamed it on the devil, today celebrities are entangled in shows of shame and they blame hackers. Please who is deceiving who? There is the need for image consultants and PR experts to be involved in the process of our celebrities and public figure in order for the industry to maximize benefits from this turning point it currently is.

4. Tee Billz needs to get another job and leave everything regarding artiste management alone :– 
You see, as long as he is in the entertainment circle with his wife Tiwa, whether or not he decides to stop managing her, he will always interface with her and memories (bitter) will will be rekindled.

5. Nigerian celebrities need to give their lives to Christ: –
Stardom is not infinite, in fact life in itself is fleeting. After everything, there’ll be the need to look back and ask if one has lived a worthwhile life to be proud of or not. What becomes of mothers whose kids become subjects of ridicule tomorrow as a result of their parents shortcomings? This might sound a bit religious but there’s nothing beyond the Almighty. We all need the grace of God to excel. You see, if Tee Billz’s allegations in his Instagram rants earlier today, although now deleted, are true then he needs to draw closer to God to help him untie the spiritual chains around him.

6. Nigerian celebrities need psychological checks from time to time :– Suicide is not and will never be the way out but depression is a terrible thing and can drive even the strongest men into an abyss of mental imbalance. Psychologists can help proffer one or two solutions if consulted and Nigerian celebrities need to be oriented on the need to see a doctor or counselor from time to time. Life is beyond wearing shiny necklaces, driving fancy cars and making red carpet appearances. A word is enough for the wise.

7. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches :–
While we wish the couple a ‘speedy recovery’ from whatever setbacks have put them on the front burner for all the wrong reasons, the current situation shows expressly that no one fully understands a situation enough, regardless of how perfect it looks on the outside, except you are inside or have a personal experience.



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