Report confirms Glo as dominant network in new data subscriptions

Next generation network, Globacom, has once again been confirmed as the preferred network in Nigeria by  new data subscribers.
The telecommunications industry report for the first three months of 2016 showed that Globacom amassed 26,530,420 internet customers at the end of the quarter.

A breakdown of the report showed that Globacom recorded an additional 1,448,354 new internet subscribers on its network during the first quarter of the year. This include 354,178, 248,593 and  845,583 new subscribers for the months of January, February and March respectively.

Globacom’s figure is equivalent to 80 per cent of the total number of 1,820,651 new customers who subscribed to internet services of the four major telecom operators in the first quarter of 2016.
A total of 319,229 new data subscribers joined Airtel in the first quarter, while Etisalat recorded 53,068 new internet users on the network during the period. The figures make up the remaining 20% of the total figure of 1,820,651 new internet subscribers for the quarter.
MTN, on the other hand, lost over 6.5million internet subscribers during the period. The company which began the quarter with 39,924,737 data customers ended it with 33,356,595.
An analysis of the corresponding period in 2015 showed that MTN had 1,286,205, Glo recorded 946,202 new internet customers, Etisalat had 3,994,810 while 2,331,160 new data subscribers joined Airtel.


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