20 Things That Happend At Saraki Trial @cct today, Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Saraki trial resumes today….

Justice Danladi Umar has arrived the court. Time of arrival: 10:37AM. Court!

1) Justice Umar greets the court as court clerks reads out the matter before the court. @bukolasaraki heads to the dock

2) Rotimi Jacobs, lead prosecution counsel reads out the names of those appearing with him, as is the norm

3) In addition to Rotimi Jacobs, 4 other counsels are appearing for the prosecution

4) Lead defense counsel, Kanu Agabi is now reading out names of those appearing for the defense. Paul Erokoro isn’t in court

5) Lead defense counsel Kanu Agabi concludes reading out the names of those appearing for the defense with him

6) Rotimi Jacobs rises up to speak

7) Michael Wetkas, lead prosecution witness has taken to the witness box

8) Justice Umar : The records of this tribunal shows that about 100 counsels appear for the defense

9) Umar: it is not for nothing that senior counsels lead junior counsels. That ensures orderliness

10) Umar: the procedure we know is that lead counsel Kanu Agabi conducts cross examination

11) Umar: Kanu Agabi is ably assisted by other senior counsels.

12: Umar: Therefore , lead defense counsel will lead cross examination of witness.

13: Umar: When Kanu Agabi is unavailable, other senior SANs on the defense will take over

14) Justice Umar recounts what has gone on in the court where Paul Usoro and Paul Erokoro have had to cross examine d witness

15) Justice Umar says Paul Erokoro’s cross examination deviated from the path taken by Kanu Agabi and Paul Usoro

16) Justice Umar: We must be fair to ourselves because we will be accountable to Allah

17) Umar: I want to say that during the case of Bola Tinubu, we were under serious influence but we did what we had to do

18) Umar: Based on what was before us and we discharged him

19) Umar : We must be fair to ourselves so we don’t unduly delay this case. The bench is begging the bar

20) Umar: Allowing everyone conduct cross examination will make our records untidy. Please let’s make progress #

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