It’s not a crime dating falz:- Simi

In recent times, a lot has been said about the hidden relationship between Nigerian music sensation Simi and colleague and comic actor, Falz The Bahd Guyz.

Since the pair have been working together on several projects which include different studio sessions, music videos and shooting magazine covers together, so many people have been passing all sorts of comments about the pair saying, they should get married not minding the face that Simi is allegedly in an sizzling romance with Adekunle Gold.

In an interview with HipTv, Simisola Ogunleye disclosed that she is not in any relationship with Falz aside when work is involved. She said: “I don’t mind dating Falz, he’s a human being. When I say we have not thought about it because why would you be thinking about something that is not in the books. Falz is my friend and that is all there is to it.”

However, in an earlier interview Falz also denied having any romance with Simi adding that, the Jamb Question is in a relationship but not with him. He revealed that: “Simi and I is just music. It’s musical chemistry, we get along so well,” he said, adding, “There’s no triangle. She does have a boyfriend and it is not me. I’m in no position to announce a matter that relates to her own relationship because it’s not my relationship. But I know that she do have somebody and it’s not me.”


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