Mother Chooses Life for Her Baby and Gives Up Her Own

It is a scenario that mothers try not to think about when they are pregnant. What if something were to go wrong and it came down to a choice between my life or the baby? I know women who had complications during pregnancy and felt the way Stacie Crimm did in this video. Save the baby!

Stacie only had two desires in the last months of her life, and they were to live long enough to ensure life for her unborn child and to hold her baby in her arms. Stacie had to make the agonizing choice between Chemo therapy for herself or give her baby life. In this story of ultimate sacrifice your heart strings will be pulled when you see Stacie’s dreams come to fulfillment as she holds her tiny baby girl. Her joy radiates beneath the mask and gloves as she crams in the love and bonding of a life time, into the short time she has and embraces her baby. This story illustrates what a mothers love truly looks like, unconditional and self sacrificing.


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