How A Task Force Office In lagos Killed A man In lagos He Couldn’t Afford The Fine

“I received the sad news of the death of a taxi driver in Ikorodu today, Mr Cyril Nwoko. Early in March this year. He fell victim of the Lagos State government Taskforce thugs around Agric, Ikorodu when they impounded his taxi (and fined him N50,000 before they could release it. The said taxi was his only means of livelihood which made it very difficult for him to raise the N50,000 fine.

Few weeks later, he returned to the office of the Taskforce in Ikorodu to pay the fine but was told his taxi has entered demurrage, therefore his fine has increased to N75,000. After weeks of taking his means of livelihood from him, he managed to see friends and family raised the money, only to be told again, he would pay more. Mr Nwakwo developed high blood pressure in the process and has been nursing it since then.

The pressure of how to care for his wife and two kids was enough for him to look further for another N25,000 to complete the new N75,000 fine. He got it and returned to the office of the Taskforce this week and he was told his case has snowballed, he was to now pay N175, 000 fine or forget the car.

Mr Cyril Nwakwo died in Ikorodu this morning!

I don’t know what to say! “


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