Microsoft Set To Buy Linkdln for $26.2B

– Microsoft set to buy Linkdln for 26.2 billion dollars.
– If the deal goes unsuccessful, then Microsoft would pay $725 million for termination fees.

Microsoft is set to buy Linkedin, one of the largest social network for professionals. It will finalise the deal at the end of the year which implies that over the rest of the year, at $196 per share the deal is still on.

However, if for some reasons the deal is not successful, Microsoft will pay a termination fee of $725 million to Linkedin. Both boards is reported to have agreed to this, according to a Tech Crunch article.


Linkedin will continue to run independently after acquisition with the current CEO, Jeff Weiner reporting to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The NewYork Stock Exchange (NYSE) experienced an upsurge in the Linkedin stock after the news made airwaves.

Linkedin is a network of more than 433 million professionals. A Microsoft-owned Linkedin is a big plus for the company that relies heavily on selling licenses of its product to professionals.

On the other end, Linkedin haven’t been having a great year due to the major data breach on its platform some months ago in which over 117 million passwords were hacked.

Linked is active in over 150 countries with 105 million monthly active users.

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