The decayed body of the abducted catholic priest, rev.father John Adeniyi was discovered

THE abducted Catholic priest, Reverend Father John Adenyi, Vicar- General of Otukpo Catholic Diocese, has been found dead  by the  police in a bush, a few kilometers away from the  main road.
The vicar-general was abducted on April 24, by unknown persons  on  Otukpa – Enugu Road, while returning to Otukpo, his base, after a church service in Otukpa area of Ogbadibo Local Government Area.
Sources said the decomposed body of the priest was found at Odoba in Otukpa area of Ogbadibo, saying ‘‘what was seen was cassock and sandals on the skeleton, which suggest that it was the remains of the kidnapped priest.
However, the state governor confirmed the discovery of the decomposed body of the Catholic priest   on Wednesday, during a  town hall meeting held with Igede people, at the College of Education, Oju, as part of his ongoing stakeholders meeting.
He said the Reverend Father’s skeleton was discovered  on Tuesday, in Otukpa,  three kilometres away from the road, adding  that he had already  directed the police and medical personnel to collect the skeleton for postmortem.
Paying respect to the soul of the departed  priest, the governor asked  the people to observe a minute silence for the repose of the soul of Adenyi. He, however, vowed that the abductors  of  Adenyi  would be brought to book.
It will be recalled that family members  of the Catholic priest had paid the N2 million ransom requested by the suspected kidnappers three days after he was kidnapped, but the suspects later switched off all contacts.
After fruitless efforts at rescuing the priest, the state governor had, a few weeks ago, announced N5 million reward for information on the whereabouts the of the priest.
Reacting to the report,  the  Secretary General of Opiatoha Idoma, Mr Adoka Adaji, said, “it is unfortunate there is no security in Idomaland, otherwise, the kidnappers of  Adenyi would have been exposed. The Idoma people are no longer their brothers’ keeper.”


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