Oscar Pistorius in Prison Single Room Cell

Manelisi Wolela, spokesman for the Department of Correctional Services, said the special accommodation was due to his disability and that the prison had never had a double amputee inmate before.
“He is in the same facility in the hospital section of the Pretoria prison,” Wolela told AFP. Continue reading “Oscar Pistorius in Prison Single Room Cell”


Ajimobi:- Apologise before I open your schools

Abiola Ajimobi, governor of Oyo state, has requested for a letter of apology from schools whose pupils took part in a protest against government’s proposed education initiative — else their schools will remain locked. Continue reading “Ajimobi:- Apologise before I open your schools”

Could This Be Vera Sidika!

Vera Sidika? Please don’t kill guys here…we are innocent please. Lol!


Woman committed suicide with two children because she caught her husband cheating (photo)

Just Because she caught her husband cheating, she decided to commit suicide along side with 2 of her children just to hurt the husband.

Life and experience is wisdom, in everything you do seek wisdom and in all you do, acquire knowledge.


Celebrity Shades. LoL

Some minutes after Kim K posted this, another Celebrity (Kelly Rowloand) replied. Check the photo below

Kim Kardashian posted the photo on the left on her page, an hour later Kelly wrote the post on the right.
That didn’t deter Kim though as she went ahead and posted 2 more photos.

Me I’m not doing gbeborun ooo


Beyonce reacts to the killing of alton sterling and philando castile

Beyonce has reacted to the killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by white police officers. In a statement issued on her website, she encouraged her fans to contact their local representatives and demand action. Continue reading “Beyonce reacts to the killing of alton sterling and philando castile”


Couple dies in a fire incident at their home in Niger State (photos)

The prayer always is that whenever the home is hunting for souls we shouldn’t be at home. A fire occurred overnight at the home of Moses Ali (pictured) and his wife Zainab Ali, killing them and burning down the house, in the town of Kontagora, Niger State.

The fire reportedly occurred at about one o’clock at night and the cause hasn’t been determined yet. See more photos after the cut…


Is He Begging For Votes Ni?

Ibrahim chattar is a popularly know actor who loves playing van-dam in movies and he is always passing a message like he did picture via twitter

Oga if na vote you dey beg for, I bow for your gimmicks


The day I will never forget.

 I know we have several ‘Most embarrassing moments’ post on this Blog but have you had any recently?funny?Naughty?Really bad?Gist us. Continue reading “The day I will never forget.”


Shoprite in Ilorin shuts its doors after a crowd of people storm their store today

The Shoprite located in Ilorin, Kwara State, had to completely shut its doors after a crowd of people stormed their store for the public holiday today. According to eyewitnesses, when the crowd became too much, they quickly shut their doors to prevent others from coming. However, residents of the state still eager to get in, stayed put at the door awaiting their turn to go in.